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I get to build cool things sometimes, and I get to learn things from customers and smart people. I try and share as much as I can. Here is where I do it.

I went to the planetarium recently with my daughter’s grade 4 class. Knowing I was an amateur astronomer the teacher put me on the spot before we went in and asked me if I wanted to say something to the class. ... [Read More]
I have put a new slide deck together as an overview of containers. ... [Read More]
It is a great time to be a technologist. I am spending lots of my time at the moment thinking about drones, AI & IOT, about where these technologies intersect, and where they can help people. ... [Read More]
I recently ran a hands-on workshop about how to build Azure Pipelines for ‘build’ and ‘release’. ... [Read More]
Understanding the Enterprise Bot Template ... [Read More]
Enterprise Bot Workshop Agenda (draft) ... [Read More]
I've moved my blog to be markdown based
A New Blog - Jekyll + GitHub + Azure DevOps ... [Read More]
Bots are the new UI frontier. Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa started the trend, but no-UI is the future of UI. Users are going to expect to be able to have conversations with companies and organisations in the client that they have on hand. Don’t believe me? Gartner predicts that by 2020 30% of HTTP requests will be via bots. ... [Read More]