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I recently ran a hands-on workshop about how to build Azure Pipelines for ‘build’ and ‘release’. ... [Read More]
Continuously deploying from GitHub to Azure should be easy. In this video I discuss 2 issues I found when deploying an API using ASP.Net 5 ... [Read More]
I got asked for a 60 second intro to using TFS-Git. 1. Go to your personal TFS (e.g.   2. Create a new Team Project Figure: Click on New under Recent projects  & teams Figure: Enter the name of the Team Project (E.g. FireBootCamp)Select Git as the version control system.Select Create project   3. Clone your Repository locally Figure: In Visual Studio, open Team Explorer and click Select Team Projects Figure: Select the team foundation server to connect to, select the team project and then click Connect Figure: Right click on the Repository and select Clone Figure: Enter the path to the local repository and click the Clone button   4. Add your MVC project to the Repo Figure: Create the MVC Project Figure: Right click on the Solution file and click Commit Figure: Enter a comment and click Commit and Sync ... [Read More]
Configure Your Build 1. Open the Build Pane Figure: From Team Explorer choose Builds   2. Create a new build definition Figure: Click on the New Build Definition link   3. Enter build definition name “AdamS.MembershipSample.CI”(CI for Continuous Integration) 4. On the Trigger tab choose ‘Continuous Integration’   5. On the Source Settings tab remove any unwanted Source Control folders Figure: Remove any items that do not apply to your project (sometimes items from other solutions will appear in this list – remove them)   6. On the Process tab, ensure that the solution is being built   7. Save the Build Configure Build Notifications 1. Run the Visual Studio Build Notification application. From C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\IDE\BuildNotificationApp.exe   2. Select the build Figure: Select the Build that you just created and click OK Start a Build Figure: Go to Team Explorer | Builds. Right click on the Build and choose Queue New Build   Figure: When the build is complete, you will get a green or red icon indicating the status. ... [Read More]
The originators of Scrum, Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland have released an updated version of the Scrum Guide. Go here to get the latest version Go here for their summary of the changes Go here for a 17 min video of them discussing the changes. Here are my key points taken from the video, and the summary page, and a few comments about them. Interesting points on the uptake of Scrum - two years ago the US Congress passed a law that all Department of Defence IT Projects must be agile - this year.. the US embedded the Agile Manifesto in its government regulations - The US post office has mandated Scrum everywhere in IT - The Gartner group says 'abandon waterfall.. get agile' -Jim Johnson at the Stannis group repots: In a survey of 50-100,000 projects where success is defined as on time, on budget with happy customers (in itself a waterfall benchmark) - The success rate in waterfall projects is 14% The success in agile is 42% (Jeff believes this is not great.. but a conservative figure) - The Forster report: next year there will be 3 trillion dollars spent on software Ken: "our way of trying to narrow the gap between software that is needed and the available provisioning capacity is - higher productivity - higher value - higher quality" The 6 key changes to the 2013 Scrum Guide 1. Re-emphasising Transparency A new section on Artefact Transparency has been... ... [Read More]
Peter Gfader knows how to ship software. In this interview we chat about Clean Code, testing and continuous improvement ... [Read More]
I had a conversation today with a lead developer who was working with a team who couldn’t get the hang of not checking in bad code. To resolve the issue, he implemented Gated Checkins. He asked me to check out some the code and I was happy to, right up until I had to do a few checkins. The following are my subsequent thoughts on the matter. ... [Read More]
In case you missed yesterday’s post, I’m in New Delhi at the moment with Adam Cogan and Damian Brady helping out with a Professional Scrum Developer course. Day 2 begins Day 2 started a lot smoother than Day 1 because we now knew the way to the venue. ... [Read More]
I’m in India at the moment with Adam Cogan and Damian Brady  helping out on a Professional Scrum Developer course. The training is with a group of 24 guys with varying roles - developers, testers, architects, and managers. At the end of the course, they will all have the opportunity to sit an online exam to become “Professional Scrum Developers”. ... [Read More]