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We ALWAYS automate our deployments. We always deploy often. This has many, many benefits. The most important of which is early feedback. An essential tool when managing deployment of many sites to different environments is a smoke-test page that validates the configuration of the website in that particular environment. SSW.HealthCheck makes it easy to check your site status.   Figure: SSW.HealthCheck let’s us see at a Glance that on this site: the database connection is valid, but Debug mode has not been turned off and SMTP is not configured. We can also easily extend SSW.HealthCheck to perform other tasks like ensuring your database is up to date. I’ll address this in a future article.   Create a new web project Lets start with a new web project, then we’ll add SSW.HealthCheck. Figure: Create a new web project called Northwind.MusicStore.WebUI   Figure: Select the MVC template and click OK.Optionally: add the ‘Web.API’ and ‘Add unit tests’ options. Add SSW.HealthCheck.MVC5 to WebUI Figure: Select Tools | Library Package Manager | Package Manager Console. Enter Install-Package SSW.HealthCheck.MVC5 and press Enter. Note: Alternatively you can use Tools | Library Package Manager | Manage NuGet Packages for the Solution, and then search for SSW.HealthCheck.MVC5 and click Install. Figure: Ensure SignalR is configured: Open Startup.cs from the root of your application. Ensure app.MapSignalR() is being called in the Configuration method. Figure: Run the application and navigate to /HealthCheck Configure HealthCheck to Test Your Connection Strings Figure: Because we are using Entity Framework Code First, and it... ... [Read More]
I am running Windows 8 and Visual Studio on my Mac using Parallels. The project I am currently working on is configured to use IIS Express, but I want to test it using a VM that contains IE8. As it turns out this was quite simple to setup. 1. Download the VM from  or 2. Open the VM using Parallels (File, New, Add Existing Virtual Machine). 3. Change the Windows 8 VM and the VM containing IE8 to both obtain their own IP addresses from the local WiFi router.             Virtual Machine | Configure | Hardware | Network. Change type to WiFi 4. Change the configuration of the web application to use the Windows 8 VMs IP Address              e.g. change it from http://localhost:63527/  to 5. Edit the binding in your IIS host config file (You can find it in  %userprofile%\Documents\IISExpress\config\applicationhost.config ) Find the entry for your application and change it from from to 6. Disable windows firewall on the Windows 8 machine. 7. Run Visual Studio as Administrator and run the application. It will now be accessible from the IE8 Virtual Machine. References: ... [Read More]
The default Agile TFS template ships with three states: New, Active and Closed. A common question that I am asked is how to add an extra stage to the TFS taskboard. While this is not trivial in TFS 2012, it’s really not that hard once you know how, and is being made easier in newer versions of TFS. Figure: We will demonstrate adding a ‘Testing’ column. Step 1: Ensure that you are an administrator of the Team Project you are updating Step 2: Download the Team Foundation Server 2012 Power Tools - In Visual Studio select Tools, and then Extensions and Updates Figure: Select Online from the left menu, enter Team Foundation 2012 in the search field, click the Download button on Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 Power Tools Step 3: Export the Task Work Item Type To add a new column to the task board, we need to add that status to the work item type definition. Figure: From the Tools menu select, Process Editor, then Work Item Types and then Open WIT from Server Figure: Expand the correct Team Project and select the Task work item type. Step 4: Add the Testing state to the Task WIT Figure: Select the Workflow tab. Open the toolbox and drag a State component onto the design surface. Right click on the new State, select Properties and set the Name property to Testing Figure: Select the Transition Link component from the toolbox. Now click on the Active state and drag... ... [Read More]
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