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Drones and AI are changing our world. ... [Read More]
Bots are the new UI frontier. Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa started the trend, but no-UI is the future of UI. Users are going to expect to be able to have conversations with companies and organisations in the client that they have on hand. Don’t believe me? Gartner predicts that by 2020 30% of HTTP requests will be via bots. ... [Read More]
I was lucky enough to be asked to present at NDC Sydney - probably the best conference I have ever been to. ... [Read More]
Continuously deploying from GitHub to Azure should be easy. In this video I discuss 2 issues I found when deploying an API using ASP.Net 5 ... [Read More]
I get asked a lot about the secret to the success of FireBootCamp, and how we get such great results from our intense developer training. ... [Read More]
FireBootCamp has been an amazing experience. ... [Read More]
Sprint 1 was great, but now the guys are really getting going. ... [Read More]
Week 1 at FireBootCamp has been amazing. ... [Read More]
In this video I chat to Michael Crump about his experiences developing for Windows Phone 8. ... [Read More]
I caught up with Dino Esposito, Technical Evangelist at JetBrains, to discuss the lessons learnt building mobile apps and sites. ... [Read More]
I was joined by Windows Phone Developer Evangelist Dave Glover from Microsoft to talk about Windows Phone 8 development. ... [Read More]
Peter Gfader knows how to ship software. In this interview we chat about Clean Code, testing and continuous improvement ... [Read More]
Interviewing Scott Allen on  using AngularJS to build responsive web applications with two-way data-binding, clear separation of concerns and improved testability. ... [Read More]
Unit testing and Dependency Injection are good for you, yet these essential ingredients are missing from many projects. ... [Read More]